Nov 20, 2011

Vintage Industrial Inspired Lighting

Wench hook pendants by Omega Lighting & Design at $480 each or $1200 for all three

Via : poetichome

Recycled Stadium Bulbs by

Via : Conant Metal and Light

Light cages start at $50 and reach hundreds of dollars. A pendant or desk lamp from the 1930s or ’40s brings about $600, while a rare floor lamp from the 1920s can reach $1,800. Milk-glass shades bigger than 12 inches in diameter are hard to find and cost $600 or more.

For vintage industrial lighting, contact these dealers:
• Steve Erenberg,
• Stewart Gorden,
• Harry Greenberger,
• Olde Good Things,

By Jennifer Price

Click here to view Industrial Metal Cage Pendant Lights at

from :

the clothespin lightbulb, Steffi Min’s industrial design


  1. I love how lighting can change the entire appearance of a room! Amazing!!!

  2. Love these lights.... some really great ideas!


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